Rebelle Theory is a streetwear fashion brand established in 2022 and based in New York City. Specializing in hand painted wears that are designed for the ‘Art of Expression and Freedom’. Hand Painted clothes are fun and therapeutic and with us NO piece is the same, making your purchase special.

Our Famous 'Pride' Denim Jacket

The Rainbow Jacket has become a popular trend , not just within LGBTQ+ comunities but also in mainstream fashion. We also take pride in bringing our own design, highlighting our support for equality and acceptance. This is not just a piece of clothing, but a symbol that represents inclusivity and acceptance. Love comes in all forms!

  • Edgy, Fun and Different!

    At Rebelle Theory we use paint to deface clothes that are too perfect and neat.

    Each piece has an exclusivity attached to it and the odds of someone else wearing the same exact creation are very slim.

  • Always Focused on Originality and Sustainability

    Each piece of our collections is designed with the intention of creating only high quality pieces. By making-to-order, there is no waste produce and will last for years to come. We use only high quality fabric paint that is permanent, machine washable, non-toxic, safe and Eco-Friendly.

  • Designed with you in Mind

    Messages painted by hand that fits your unique personality and style. Wearable art that can convey mood or movement that a fast-fashion item cannot!.