About Rebelle Theory

Find out about Rebelle Theory's story and mission. What we strive for and how we put our love into every hand painted product that we design.
Hand Painted Jaan Jacket for women with the writing the time is always now

Inspired by Freedom

Rebelle Theory embodies the essence of NYC: individual style, inspiring & unapologetic messages - each piece is unique as the messages are painted by hand. 

Mission: We paint Clothes for Passion, with emotions, flexibility and dynamism. Our pieces are designed to instill a sense of harmony & freedom -by empowering those who wear and express themselves with our brand!

What we wear reflects who we are…

100% NYC: The Rebelle Theory Collection idea was born & created in New York City by the fashion Designer Helen Vibes & continues to be inspired by the Big Apple…

One-of-a-kind: For us Clothing is a canvas for creativity and self-expression. We Create unique designs that stand out. Every jacket is carefully hand painted and crafted as ordered, and no piece is the same, making your purchase special.

Eco-friendly and sustainability: We are committed to our environment. Our jackets are always made of 100% organic fabrics, premium denim and for our hand-craftmanship we only use safe and sustainable paints, made to last. Buy less, wear it longer. When you shop quality, you shop sustainable.

Attention to detail: our creative team of young designers pays meticulous attention to detail so you can enjoy comfortable, fashionable yet timeless styles.

Sense of Freedom: our designs are made to inspire a harmonic sense of freedom - express yourself while wearing our unique styles to match your style & personality.

We truly hope that our designs will touch your heart as much as they touch ours - and that you will enjoy wearing them even more, knowing that our young design team has put their hearts into each piece!