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Browse our  exclusive Hand-Painted  Denim  Jackets and Sweatshirts  selection  for the very best One-Of-a-kind, hand kissed clothing. Edgy and colorful is what Rebelle Theory  is known for and we are beyond proud to bring you this Best Sellers collection  of painted art on clothes.

Our products are painted using non-toxic fabric paint which ensures that no harm is caused to the environment or the people involved in the production process. Whether you are a fshion enthusiast or a concious consumer , our hand painted treasures are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

pride denim jacket distressed and colorful

The Famous 'Pride' Jacket

Our Pride Jacket is the number one best seller. We are proudly promoting the visibility of LGBTQ+ community trough art and fashion. It is a piece of clothing that symbolizes our support for equality and serves as a reminder that love exists in all forms!

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